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List of Therapists
We are building a countrywide list of therapists who offer psychotherapy and counselling to people in stepfamily situations. Some may also offer telephone counselling. All our listed therapists and counsellors are in private practice and will charge for their services. Fees vary according to the specific therapists fee structure.

To access the list follow this link: Therapists and Counsellors (please note that this is a developing list. We hope to include therapists from many different areas, however at present most are in London).

We also provide supervision, groupwork and CPD workshops. If you would like to know more phone 020 8361 6146 or email StepIn asap.

Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling

This is a one to one regular meeting with a psychotherapist; a time to focus on yourself and your situation. It may be short term (up to six months) or long term. The unique relationship possible with a psychotherapist can be an important place to review and develop aspects of yourself and your life and to develop your understanding of family relationships.
Counselling is usually shorter term than psychotherapy. It is useful for specific issues that you may want to explore.

Group Psychotherapy
Groups are particularly useful for exploring communication and relationships. For stepfamily members it can be a valuable experience to join with others from similar situations but in different positions. e.g. parents, stepparents, children or stepchildren. Being in a group can provide community, feedback, support and inspiration as well as opportunities of deepening relationships

Couple and Family Psychotherapy
Being in a couple relationship can be difficult and painful as well as loving and rewarding. When the balance tips then the relationship is threatened. Psychotherapists and counsellors work with people to slow things down and to support each party both to honestly express themselves and listen to the other. This can be particularly useful in stepfamily situations, where couples may feel differently about the same children. Therapists offer feedback and guidance in exploring new ways of relating as a well as perspective about stepfamily situations.

We also work with larger family groups. Usually two StepInasap practitioners will do this work.

Supervision and Continual Professional Development (CPD)
We offer supervision support to psychotherapists, counsellors and staff teams, and can be undertaken either individually or in groups. StepIn asap members offer supervision to professionals in a variety of settings.

We also offer CPD workshops on stepfamilies and group dynamics. We are happy to cater for organisations who would like us to present in their workplace. Our workshops are aimed to get people thinking and talking about the issues in stepfamily situations.


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